Andrew Kibert, MD oversees the intravenous [IV] rejuvenation in our clinic. IV delivery of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and amino acids helps prevent skin aging, enhance energy levels and expedite weight loss.
Specially Formulated IV Cocktails by Dr. Kibert and administered at NYC Rejuvenation Clinic:
Anti-Oxidant IV for Healthy Skin
A solution rich in vitamins, minerals and glutathione is an excellent solution to get rid of oxygen radicals causing aging and brighten your skin at the same time.
– Glutathione
– B Complex
Rejuvenation IV for Detox & Energy
An alkaline solution infused with high dose Vitamin C and Vitamin B complex is the perfect way to detox and energize your body. Including “Pre and Post Party”.
– Vitamin C
– Sodium Bicarbonate
– B Complex
Slimming IV for Weight Control
An infusion of vitamins, minerals and amino acids is the ideal complement to any weight management strategy.
– Vitamin C 
– L-Carnitine & Taurine
– B Complex
Additional Boosters
– B12
– Caffeine
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